Gain Complete Control Over All Your Devices in Ableton Live

DeltaKontrol is the ultimate solution for all who want to be in full control over their devices in Ableton Live. Your go-to hub for custom mapping and monitoring Live devices, Max devices, and of course plugin devices. All of them.
Don’t just adapt. Break the chains. Take control.


Swift and
Optimized Workflow

User Experience

For Every Controller

Well, almost every. The basic requirements are at least 8 pots or faders and one button. Two would be ideal. Aside from that the possibilities are vast. Whether it is a classic UC33e, a giant Faderfox combo with 100+ pots, 14-bit and 8-bit controls mixed, or your uniquely customized Yaeltex.

Your creativity Is the limit
DeltaKontrol transforms your experience with fully customizable device mapping, control, and monitoring. Be it production or performance. We have made a promise to revolutionize device handling, and we are excited to finally share this journey with you.

Native Live Integration

Our application consists of several components, the core functionality of device mapping and control fully integrated with Live. This means it works out of the box for all MIDI controllers with a user script. And for Push 2. However, DK was not designed with a primary focus on Push devices (*).

Our core vision is to empower artists and studio professionals with unparalleled control across a wide range of MIDI controllers, enhancing the production and performance experience in the area of device control to a maximum.

(*) Read more on Push2 and Push3 compatibility.

Unlock Your Controller’s Full Potential

Discover how DeltaKontrol for Live seamlessly integrates with Live to boost your production and performance experience. Explore our detailed guide to compatible setups, sophisticated monitoring capabilities, and innovative control options.

We are committed to transparency and detail, ensuring you fully understand DeltaKontrol’s capabilities before making a decision. Our in-depth resources are designed to help you make an informed choice.

Extensive Features

Uncover an unmatched and extensive feature set with DeltaKontrol. From the exceptional level of control over your Ableton Live device handling to the unique monitoring capabilities, DK stands out in its class.

Experience the satisfaction of efficiency and ease in your workflow, all embedded in an interface designed with love, and having productivity in mind. Customize your mappings with a few clicks. Be in full control over your setup with monitoring.

We designed DK to optimize your music production and performance workflow, ensuring you spend more time creating and less time navigating.

Customized Support

Your satisfaction is our priority. DeltaKontrol brings you hassle-free and knowledgeable support. Our assistance is personal, taking your own technical experience into account. No more frustrating standard questionnaires. Only solutions.

Choose our pro-support addon plan for an elevated support experience, tailored to the demands of professional users. It is open to everyone seeking top-tier assistance with an extra. Available for a yearly commitment.

For complete peace of mind, consider our on-demand services. From full setup to custom configurations, we are here to make DeltaKontrol work seamlessly for you.

Beyond The Hype:
A Professional Tool For Creatives

The world is full of grand promises – instant hits, effortless success. But we know reality often tells a different story. At DeltaKontrol, we value authenticity and deliver results.

We have commited to provide a tool that elevates your productivity, enhances efficiency, and ensures consistency in all your projects. Accompanied by a boost in creativity and joy.

It is not about creating illusions. It is about providing a rock-solid foundation for your artistry and technical skills. With DeltaKontrol, gain complete command over your software instruments, effects, and all the rest.

Always, everywhere.
On stage, in the studio, or wherever your creativity takes you.
Because your creativity is what we make space for.

Continue Your Journey

Pre-release Note: Our web presence is a work in progress, and continuously evolving. DK is in a pre-release phase, documentation in the works, reviews will be added as available. Discover what’s next, the story behind DeltaKontrol, all around beta testing, reviewing and more.

Empower Your Knowledge

Dive into our comprehensive resources. Designed to answer your questions and enhance your understanding of DeltaKontrol for Live. From detailed FAQs to in-depth technical guides, all the information you need is just a click away.

Stay Ahead

Stay updated with the latest developments around DeltaKontrol. Our news section offers infos on the road ahead, in-depth tech insights, as well as valuable tips and tricks.

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Take Control Now

Discover a new era of Ableton Live device control.
Unleash your creativity in sound design, production, and performance.
Experience the difference.
On your terms.

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