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As we are in the middle of launch preparations, we want to address the recent Ableton Live 12 announcement and its implications for DeltaKontrol for Live.

The Current State (updated)

Regarding Push 2 we knew from the beta release notes that Live 12 would introduce changes in how Push 2 devices interact with Live, namely in the same way as Push 3.

Up until now we have not investigated the functionality of the Push 3, and the necessary changes needed to use it with DeltaKontrol. This is also because we have no Push 3 available right now. But we investigated the new connection functionality for the Push 2 (which should work accordingly for the Push 3).

We are delighted to tell you that DeltaKontrol from today (18/01/24) on is fully compatible with Live 12.

This is not only valid for our core functionality including all features, but also for Push 2 (both new connection method and fallback connection via remote script, as mentioned in the release notes). This means you will have one more remote script slot free for your other controllers if you have a Push device from Live 12 onwards.

The only caveat for the Push is that if you use VST2 devices it does not display real values and units anymore with the new connection method. VST3 is completely unaffected by that and works as expected. This might either be a bug or a design decision by Ableton, as VST3 is an established format in the meanwhile, and VST2 is vanishing increasingly.

That said, our own functionality will not change with Live 12 and we are still empowering users with real values and units for VST2 devices in our own device monitors, and also on Push 2 if using the fallback connection via remote script.

The Future of Push 2 and Push 3 (updated)

As described in the previous section Push 2 compatibility is ensured, and we are confident that our solution works out of the box for Push 3 as well. However, we cannot make any assurances or give any guarantees at this point. This would be in contradiction to the promise of honest and open communication to our users.

If we do not get access to a Push 3 device in the next time we hopefully find someone who is willing to collaborate and assess this together with us. We will keep you updated on the status of Push 3 compatibility.

That said, we are fully committed to ensuring compatibility for both Push 2 and Push 3 in the future.

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Our Main Mission

Completely separated from Push devices DeltaKontrol for Live’s core vision has always been about empowering producers, performers and hobbyists alike with its functions for the broad spectrum of MIDI controllers out there in the wild.

From the most cost-effective models to high-end custom devices, our goal is to enhance the device handling experience across all these tools. So you can use exactly the controller that fits into your workflow, or your budget, and have a great user experience at the same time.

We made that possible. For everyone.

We Are Committed to Transparency and Innovation

We understand that these new developments may raise questions, and we invite you to reach out to us. Your feedback will be invaluable to ensure your long-term satisfaction with DK, which is one of our core ambitions.

Thank you for your attention and interest in DeltaKontrol.

That’s It

As always, just for today.

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