Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special skills to work with DeltaKontrol?

We designed DeltaKontrol for Live with ease of use and a pleasing user experience in mind.

You do not need any programming or other, highly technical skills. If you can install a program on your computer, you can use DeltaKontrol. We ensured that you as an end-user do not have to mess around with the complex definitions, configuration files, and procedures that enable DK to work.

However, due to the inherent complexity and nature of software devices themselves, there will be a learning curve to users completely new to the subject.

But once you have seen what it can do for your workflow you most probably won’t live without it anymore. Not only for your workflow, but for your ease of mind, saving you stressful setups time and again, saving time in general, as well as money in the long-term. The fun factor being the icing on the cake.

We encourage you to put some effort upfront into learning the bells and whistles. It won’t be wasted time, and the rewards will be captivating.

We will provide you with a detailed and beautiful online documentation that should answer most of your questions (tba).

What are the system requirements?

Windows 10/11 64-bit

Our software operates on any PC capable of running Ableton Live. No additional dependencies.

Internet connection is required.
See Do I need an internet connection? for more details.

Coming soon!
Write us and let us know what systems you would like to see supported, including the MacOS versions you are using for your productions or performances.

Do I need an internet connection?

Short answer : Yes, but not all the time.

For regular users, and usage, you will need an internet connection on certain occasions. Companies and professionals with unique requirements can contact us any time to talk about possible custom solutions. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

So when do you need an active connection?

  • Activating or deactivating the application
  • Creating and/or updating mappings
  • At least every 7 days to validate your license
  • You decide to opt-in to our automatic error logging service, which helps us to support you way faster

For daily work, producing, jamming or performing you do not need to be connected. If these conditions are not acceptable then DeltaKontrol for Live might not be usable for you, we are sorry.

Which Live versions are compatible?

Compatible with Ableton Live 11 and above.

Support for versions prior to Live 11 is unavailable due to the shift from Python 2 to Python 3. We have chosen not to backport to Python 2. It is time to move on.

We know Ableton 10 is solid, but the workload to support it is prohibitive. So, consider switching to 11, it is great.

Read more on DeltaKontrol and Live 12.

Live 12 was just announced, what does that mean for DeltaKontrol?

Please refer to our dedicated Live 12 article to gather detailed information on that matter.

Do I have to expect performance issues or delays?

If your current setup is running smoothly, DeltaKontrol for Live won’t introduce any performance issues.

You probably know yourself that you need a beefy machine for running Ableton properly.
Also be aware that we can’t control the performance of the packaged Python interpreter that is running in Ableton.

We ourselves use the latest Python technology, which came with huge performance gains.
If we find parts that can be optimized even further, be sure it is on our list.
Our code is optimized and compiled for maximum efficiency and performance.

The communication between Live and DeltaKontrol is handled via efficient, high speed local UDP connections.
Input reactions and monitoring are instant and without any noticeable lag.

How is support for more than 128 device parameters possible?

We have implemented a solution via a M4L wrapper due to the technical restrictions imposed by Live.
But stay calm and rest assured, this will not affect your great experience with DeltaKontrol for Live.

Initial setup for such devices may require some effort, but it is a one-time operation per device.
The wrapper itself is pretty “dumb”, and therefore does not harm your performance in any way, the heavy load is done by DeltaKontrol.

Devices with more than 128 parameters, but fewer than 128 per setup, can function without the wrapper. For this purpose racks can be used instead. One rack per setup. Extremely convenient to map and handle with DeltaKontrol, accessible from your user library.

You can find more information in our documentation (tba).

How can I use more than 2 devices?

Multiple licenses are needed for simultaneous use on more than 2 devices.

Device swapping is possible but requires manual activation and deactivation, and an active internet connection on both devices while executing these tasks.

It is a smooth process, but needs your attention every time you switch.

What to expect from pro support?

Your pro support perks are:

  • Always your fastest way to problem solution
  • Guaranteed response within 24 hours. Regularly much faster
  • Priority issue resolution and queue
  • One-on-one access to our main development. First class experience. Always.
  • Calls possible for easier problem analysis and discussions
  • Dedicated support channel via Mattermost (handles calls as well as written support requests)
  • If we can solve your issue instantly, we are right on it

Pro support is not to be confused with a SLA.
We cannot offer such a service currently.

As mentioned in the pricing FAQs everyone can book it. You don’t have to be a company or professional to book the service.

Is regular support 2nd class then?

There is no 2nd class support from DeltaKontrol. And we stand behind that.

Differences to the pro plan are:

  • Response time within 48 hours
  • Regular support is exclusively via email or website contact, without any direct communication possibility or a dedicated support channel
  • Requests are queued for handling. Depending on the severity, or if it is a feature request, it might get fixed or implemented at a later point in time
    Of course severe issues or bug reports get a high priority regardless the support plan of the customer

That said you can expect first quality support, also as a regular support subscriber.

Will there be a German website or German documentation?

No, we currently do not offer this and probably will not offer it anytime in the future. As of now this is also valid for the documentation.

Please refrain from any discussions around this topic.

Will there be UI localizations?

In fact we are considering it, and we welcome your contributions if you want to speed things up.

For further information on how this can be achieved please email us, keeping the subject line intact.

I have other questions

For price-related questions please check our pricing FAQs.

For workflow-related queries please check our extensive documentation (tba).

If you have any other questions not answered, issues not handled, or business related inquiries, feel free to contact us. Pro-support users can of course use their dedicated support channel.

Regarding pro support: Please do not initiate a Mattermost call. Just contact us via the message channel we provided you. If it is an emergency, or a call is needed, we will set one up for you with high priority.