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Almost Unlimited Live Device Configuration

Our comprehensive feature set caters to every level of experience, from seasoned professionals to Ableton Live newcomers.

We invite you to explore the vast capabilities and opportunities DeltaKontrol for Live offers for your workflow. Originating from personal needs, it has transformed from a complex, manual project into an accessible, intuitive application.

Leveraging several decades of IT expertise, we have built a robust, professionally coded tool, designed to completely transform your Live device handling experience. Crafted with precision and passion.

Made for professionals, equally accessible and beneficial for serious hobbyists and beginners, bridging the gap between advanced functionality and ease of use.

DeltaKontrol consists of several components. We will explore them in the upcoming sections, right before we cover the topic of native integration and delve into our detailed feature set. We hope to get you positively excited by the new possibilities that will open up for your workflow.

The Core

DeltaKontrol, The App

Your mission control center.

Here you are dealing with device-specific tasks that go way beyond Live’s capabilities.

Parameter mapping, bank metadata editing, and monitoring customization, to name a few. All completely centralized for an efficient and convenient workflow.

And yes, with a little tweak you can map more than 128 parameters per device.

Beyond device configuration you can manage your licensing and opt-in for direct error reporting here, enhancing your support experience with DeltaKontrol.

DeltaKontrol, The Monitor

A standalone powerhouse initially, now fully Integrated.

The monitoring extends beyond mapping, offering real-time parameter tracking that mirrors your control surface layout on-screen, therefore providing optimal eye-hand coordination.

Versatile configuration options make it fit for any setup, from a large studio monitor to a compact 10″ on-stage screen.

Encounter more than just aesthetics: Our monitoring provides real value and unit readings, not limited to mere numeric ranges (*), enhancing your interaction and experience with every single device. Also for VST2 devices.

(*) Limited by the values the software device provides via its regular communication channels. We can only serve what we are able to read.

The Connectors

The Extractor

The foundation of DeltaKontrol.

Operating as a Live remote script, the Extractor is the starting point of your DeltaKontrol journey. It gathers essential device data, seamlessly preparing it for use in DK.

Efficient and non-intrusive, it occupies a script slot in Live only during data extraction, ensuring your daily workflow remains uninterrupted.

Easily configure it from the main app, activate hot swapping in Live, and marvel as your library expands with each device you load. It is simplicity combined with efficiency.

The Handler

Your gateway to advanced monitoring.

As another key remote script, the Handler is essential for users utilizing DeltaKontrol’s monitoring feature. It remains active during your Live sessions.

By communicating with DK it enables real-time monitoring of up to five devices simultaneously. All through a single script.

Imagine monitoring several devices, controlled by different controllers, on any screen, and at any position you like. All without the need to open a single device screen in Live.

DeltaKontrol turns this imagination into reality
, offering unparalleled control and oversight in your creative process.

Native Integration

Effortless compatibility with Ableton Live. Using DeltaKontrol for Live’s core features does not require running any additional remote scripts in Live. The Core only needs a control script configured to handle device controls, which can be either a user script, or a custom remote script.

This is what we mean by ‘natively integrated with the Live API’.

So even without the Handler, all your mappings and bank customizations function seamlessly within Live, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. For users who prioritize a straightforward setup without the need for monitoring, DeltaKontrol adapts to your preferences, offering full functionality with minimal setup.

The DeltaKontrol app has to be installed and running in the background, activated with a valid license, for this configuration to work.

If you want to dive deeper, we have written an in-depth article on the setup and integration possibilites for DK.

Facts in Detail

Let us dive deeper into the specifics of DeltaKontrol. Into the essence.
Explore each section for a detailed look at what makes our tool a game-changer for your workflow.

General Features


Bank Editor

A workflow-optimized bank editor for intuitive bank customization and parameter mapping

Bank Switching

Easily switch or copy entire banks

Bank Add/Delete

Quick functionality to add or remove banks

Custom Bank Names

Name your banks as you like, and display these names in Live, on the monitor or on Push

Multiple Single Parameters

Map the same parameter across multiple banks, e.g. having a Dry/Wet control on each bank for easy access

Unused Parameters

Convenient container for unused paramers that are not mapped to banks

Empty Parameter Spaces

Flexibility to include empty parameter slots in banks. Reflected on your controller and all display devices

Multi-Select Functionality

Transfer multi-select parameters between banks
Delete multi-select parameters
Move multi-select parameters within the same bank

Duplicate Parameter Names

Built-in support for handling and proper display of duplicate parameter names. Just rename the parameter translation/abbreviation and be in the know

Unlimited Banks

Technically unlimited, if you hit 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 banks you might get in trouble

BOB Functionality

Fully configurable Best-Of-Banks


On/Off Parameter

Control manually which parameters will be handled as on/off parameters for monitoring (typically used for third-party devices, as internal devices implement this natively).


Configure dependencies for monitoring (parameters that are dependent on on/off states of other parameters, typically used for third-party devices, as internal devices implement this natively).

Parameter Translations

Personalize the display name of a parameter (appears on monitor or Push displays)

Search/Replace Translations

Quick search/replace functionality for words or names over all parameters in your translations

Automated Parameter Abbreviator

Auto-generate abbreviations for parameter names based on your specified length constraints (appears on monitor or Push displays)

Editable Abbreviation per Parameter

Customize abbreviations on a per-parameter basis, same possibilities as with translations

Editable Abbreviation per Word/Token

Define abbreviations for individual words or tokens used in automated abbreviation

Search/Replace Abbreviations

Search and replace functionality, just like with translations

Search/Replace via Regular Expressions

Use regular expressions for fine-grained control over search/replace in both translations and abbreviations

Translations/Abbreviations Selection

Choose to display either translations or abbreviations on the monitor or Push (can also be set individually for every device)

Other Main Features

No Manual or Technical File Edits

All features accessible via a user-friendly GUI, negating the need for manual file edits or command line calls

Real Value Display

Shows actual parameter values on the monitors and Push for all devices, no guesswork. Also for VST2 (of course actual values in the context means the values the original developer exposed)

Real Unit Display

Displays actual units on the monitors and Push for all devices. Also for VST2 (of course actual units in the context means the unit values the original developer exposed)

Interconnect Display

Shows interlinked on/off/inactive/dependency states across all controller monitor displays

Multiple Configurations per Device

Manage multiple device configurations (e.g., one for production, one for performance) via native Live racks and DeltaKontrol

More than 128 parameters per Device I

Handled natively through Live racks and DeltaKontrol (not more than 128 parameters in a single setup)

More than 128 parameters per Device II

Handled through a minimalistic plugin wrapper and DeltaKontrol. No compatibility headaches. The dream of every sound designer and anyone who uses Diva, Serum, etc. (more than 128 parameters in a single setup. The only occasion a wrapper is ever needed)

One-Button Parameter Recall

Customizable one-button, complete parameter recall from the plugin wrapper to the controller (only needed when using the wrapper and more than 128 parameters in a single setup)

Non-destructive Solution

Retains your existing mappings unless you opt to change them


Simplified backup and restore options for your existing Ableton Live setup and device mappings

Easy Extraction

Hassle-free device extraction through a remote script and by simply loading the device into a Live track (hotswap supported for quick processing)

Extraction Lock

Option to lock translations/abbreviations during re-extraction, so they are not overwritten

Full parameter Extraction

Extracts all exposed parameters from any device, including internal devices, Max devices, and plugin devices

Extraction Exclusion

Exclude specific parameters during extraction

Mapping Removal

Unmap an already mapped device to use it in its default state with Live

0-1 Script Slots Needed

Zero script slots required if not monitoring. All native. One slot needed for monitoring multiple hardware surfaces and devices.

Monitor settings

Control Layout Analog To Your Hardware Controller

Gain complete control over your monitor’s layout, aligning it with your hardware controller (e.g., control order top-down, bottom-up, or group control blocks)

3 Control/Value Display Layouts

Choose between side-by-side, control name above value, or value above control name layouts

Identifier for Screen Display

Fully customize your monitor’s title (e.g. the device name of the hardware unit)

Network Port

Configure the internal UDP port for communication between the monitor and Live

Default Screen Positioning

Choose the default position where your monitor appears when opened

Default Screen Sizing

Select the default dimensions for your monitor upon opening

Background Color

Customize the background color of the monitor window


Choose from your installed system fonts for display on the monitor

Font Color

Select the font color for controls in their regular state

Control Name Color

Choose the font color for control (parameter) names

Title Background Color

Customize the title bar’s background color in the monitor window

On Color

Select the font color for controls in ‘on’ state

Off Color

Select the font color for controls in ‘off’ state

Inactive Color

Select the font color for controls in ‘inactive’ state

Stay on Top

Enable ‘Stay on Top’ functionality so your monitor window is never hidden (useful if it is displayed on part of your main screen)

Default Display of Translations or Abbreviations

Set the default for displaying translations or abbreviations for monitored device parameters

Individual Device-Based Display Settings

Choose to display translations or abbreviations based on settings saved in the device-specific mapping

General Settings

Keep Best-Of-Bank Data

Preserve the Best-of-Bank data for existing devices during extraction

Replace Extract files

Option to overwrite existing extract files when re-extracted

Backup of Extract Files

Create backup of existing extraction file when re-extracted

Valid On/Off Values

Specify which values will be interpreted as ‘on’ or ‘off’ states for automatic extraction and mapping.

Exclude Parameter Names

List parameter names to be excluded from extractions

Maximum Length for Abbreviations

Define the maximum character limit for abbreviations

Maximum Length for Single Word

Set a character limit for individual words within abbreviations

Push Specific Settings

Default Display of Translations or Abbreviations

Set default behavior for displaying translations or abbreviations for parameters on Push

Individual Device-Based Display Settings

Choose to display translations or abbreviations based on settings saved in device-specific mapping