We Value Our Customers

At DeltaKontrol we prioritize our users, and we are fully dedicated to deliver software of highest quality, performance, and security. In addition we strive to provide support that deserves the label first-class.

We absolutely believe in what we do. Our commitment to transparency means we are open about the capabilities of our software, as well as its limitations. While we are not magicians, we strive to deliver powerful and innovative solutions, utilizing and exhausting what is technically possible.

Due to the nature of how DeltaKontrol for Live works, please note that we cannot offer refunds. We encourage you to explore our product thoroughly before making a decision. That said, we fully believe in the concept of supplying you with perpetual software licenses. When your plan expires, your most recent version will work forever.

Check out our general and price-specific FAQs, extensive documentation, upcoming reviews (*), as well as our news section. For any questions, feel free to contact us directly. Please avoid social media channels for business inquiries.

(*) Documentation and reviews will be added as soon as available. Learn more about the current state and what’s coming.

We are always ready for a chat.
All our licenses come with lifetime validity.

Your Connection to Sound Awaits

Unlock the full potential of your devices and dive into a world where sound design, mixing, mastering, and performance align with your creative vision.

Our plans are carefully crafted to meet your unique service level needs, granting you the freedom to create on your terms.

Connect to DeltaKontrol, connect to your sound.



Full feature set

Lifetime license

1 year standard support

1 year of updates

2 devices per license

Local sales tax (VAT) may apply



Valid for 1 year

Standard support

Application updates

Up-to-date with Ableton

Extensions & optimizations

Local sales tax (VAT) may apply



Add-on valid for 1 year

Direct support channel

Direct developer contact

Personal chats and calls

Priority support and fixing

Local sales tax (VAT) may apply



A range of tailored of on-demand services

White glove setup for DeltaKontrol on your equipment

Customization of your existing control surface scripts and equipment

Establishing full compatibility of your existing control surface scripts

Flexible pricing: On-quotation or fix-priced contracts

Ideal for professionals seeking efficiency and time management

Guaranteed secure remote access to your devices – IT security is of utmost priority

Let us know your needs – we will see if we can provide a solution

Local sales taxes (VAT) may apply

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the regular plan?

The regular plan works as your basis, it includes a lifetime license, one year of standard support and updates. After this period, your last update will continue to function with the Live version it is compatible with. Pro support is not included.

What is the maintenance plan?

This plan offers a year of updates, bug fixes, and standard support, ensuring compatibility with the latest Live versions and access to new features. Pro support is not included.

What is the pro support plan?

Available for all users, it offers direct access to our development for a year, as well as a direct support communication channel (Mattermost). It includes fast response times and priority issue resolution. Note that this is a support-only plan.

What does regular support entail?

Our regular support provides professional assistance with a guaranteed response time of 48 hours or less. Communication is only possible via email.

Does the pro support plan include updates?

No, the pro support plan is solely for support. For continuous updates and bug fixes, the maintenance plan is required. These plans are independent of each other.

What are the updates about?

Updates include regular bugfixes, feature improvements, and new additions. They also ensure DeltaKontrol’s compatibility with the latest Live versions.

Which Live versions are compatible?

DeltaKontrol supports Live versions starting from 11, due to significant API changes and Python upgrades from version 10 to 11. Read more about the upcoming Live 12 release.

How many devices can I use DeltaKontrol on?

Each license allows activation on up to two computers simultaneously. Additional licenses are needed for more devices at the same time.

Is there auto-renewal?

No, there is no auto-renewal. After a year, you can choose to continue with your current version or purchase a new maintenance plan. No contract or subscription binding.

Are refunds possible?

Due to the nature of how DeltaKontrol for Live works, unfortunately we cannot offer refunds. We provide full transparency about our software’s capabilities to ensure informed purchases.

In which languages do I get support?

Support is available in English and German. We prefer communication in English, but we are also fluent in German.

What about on-demand tasks?

On-demand tasks are taken based on our availability. We are a small company, and maintaining quality standards has priority. Please contact us to discuss details.

Need more information?

If you have other, non-pricing related questions please check out our general FAQs.

Of course you can always contact us if you don’t find the information you need, want to provide feedback, or having demand to discuss something deeper.