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Today we will give you an in-depth outlook into what is technically possible with DeltaKontrol for Live and how you can integrate your existing or future controllers into that workflow. We hope that you will be excited for a better future of Device control.

For the following article we would like to define the term “Device(s)” as all devices being used inside Ableton Live. So, this can be everything that is a device in Ableton and can be controlled as such, like Live’s internal instruments, effects, Max or Max for Live (M4L) devices, and of course all your VSTs or AUs.

Additionally we would like to define that (custom) remote script and control surface should mean the same in the context of this article.

User Scripts

As we already outlined DeltaKontrol works with any user script you define for your controller in Live.

Instructions on how to define a user script can be found in the Live resources. You then have to map your devices in DK according to your preferences, and from this point in time onwards can enjoy your personal, customized, and completely transformed Device workflow.

It is literally plug and play, and provides a seamless user experience out of the box.

If you get in trouble setting up a user script we can also help you with this task on the basis of our on-demand services.

Existing Remote Scripts

But what if you are already using a remote script for your controller?

To make the following information accessible to users of all levels we try to hold the explanations simple, without you completely getting lost in technical details. But it won’t be possible without at least dipping the toes into tech territory.

Fact is that the chances that it works out of the box, natively integrated from your existing (custom) remote script, are not that high.

But the great news is that this probably won’t matter much.

The Easy Way

We are fully aware that the following solution will not fit into everyone’s workflow, given the implications that come with it. However, for non-controllerists who have the spare script slots it will be a practical and perfectly working solution. Not to mention exceptionally easy to implement.

Now, if you do not have that many controllers and can sacrifice one extra control surface slot per controller you want to map, you are good to go. The only thing you have to do is add a dedicated user script. This user script should handle the device control.

That’s it. Welcome to the world of DeltaKontrol. In its full glamour, featuring both mapping and monitoring.

To sum that up for you, with the six available control surface slots you would be able to use the following combinations going that route:

  • Up to 3 control surfaces with full mapping, but without monitoring (=six slots)
  • Up to 2 control surfaces with full mapping and monitoring (=five slots: four slots for the two controllers plus one for monitoring) plus 1 control surface that runs “natively” (unaffected by, and not affecting DK)

Example: In this diagram you can see a situation described above. We have 2 controllers where additional user scripts were added on top of existing remote scripts. These 2 controllers are also monitored by DeltaKontrol, while we have a third surface that works completely independent (consider blue as existing remote scripts).

Example of DeltaKontrol integration with the help of additional user scripts

Need more? Countless Possibilities There Are

Aside from the implementation outlined in the previous section your possibilities are vast. Of course there is absolutely no necessity to “waste” script slots on a one per one basis.

In fact you do not need to waste any slot. We just wanted to show up the fastest and easiest way possible if you want to use a controller that already uses a (custom) remote script.

If you have questions at any point in time, we are always up to talk about solutions. Ok, let us point you to the directions you can pursue.

Get Yourself One or More Dedicated “Device Controllers”

If you work with Devices a lot this might be the way to go forward as you can customize your Device handling to the maximum extent possible. You can use the MIDI controller(s) that best fit(s) your workflow, and if you don’t need to control more than 16 parameters at once (which of course is also possible with DeltaKontrol) you are good to go within minutes.

You do not need to customize any existing remote scripts. You need one script slot per hardware controller, and if you want to use the monitoring capabilities of DK you need one script slot for the monitoring remote script.

This one script can monitor all the other script slots, the Devices and controllers connected to them.

So with this type of setup you can control and monitor up to 5 different Devices at the same time (e.g., 5 MIDI controllers = 5 slots + 1 for the monitoring). Or you could use e.g, a Push2/3 and 4 other MIDI controllers (plus 1 slot for the monitoring). In this special case you would be able to monitor 4 Devices via DeltaKontrol at the same time though, as the Push devices have no dedicated DK monitoring due to their onboard screen).

Mix And Match

Of course, you can also extend the previous approach and create a more capable setup if you use the existing additional capabilities of the user scripts provided by Live. You can add every functionality the user scripts offer to your controller. The functionality of DK is not affected by that at all.

If you want, or need, to go beyond these capabilities you might want to think about getting a custom remote script written for your controller that is compatible with DeltaKontrol for Live.

No matter if you write it yourself, or outsource this task to an external developer, we will provide the information needed to ensure compatibility with our software.

Upgrade Your Existing Remote Script

If you have valid reasons that you must keep only “your” existing remote script at all cost, and no other options seem viable, then you might have to obtain a complete customized version of this remote script.

Given the fact that there are several API versions, and several implementations specific to certain remote scripts, there is no, and never will be, a one-fits-all solution. This is something you have to be aware of.

We gave our absolute best to create a product that makes it easy to integrate for most users, but we have to respect the technical facts and constraints given, and have to work with that. Going beyond technical constraints is something we will not support.

That said, nothing is impossible, and we can investigate such matters for you based on our on-demand services. Please keep in mind that if you plan to change, or customize, an existing remote script from a commercial provider there might be issues when this script gets updated by the original author or company.

Personally, we would advise against such practice if you are not 100% sure what you are doing, and encourage you to look into the other options at hand.

In fact, even if you know a 100% what you are doing other solutions might be more viable in the end. This is as individual as people and controllers are out there.

Example: In this diagram you see a full fledged solution with DeltaKontrol, monitoring 5 Devices at the same time. The colors of the remote scripts are to be indicative of either pure user scripts made for these controllers (orange), or custom remote scripts that were developed specifically with DK in mind (orange/blue), as described in Mix And Match. Finally, already existing remote scripts that were customized to be fully compatible with DK (blue/orange).

Example of a full-fledged custom integration of DeltaKontrol with user scripts, as well as customized remote script combinations

Summing It Up

We hope we were able to picture the vast possibilities you will have with DeltaKontrol for Live, and that we were able to transfer the information in an easily digestible way.

Go the easy route and add user scripts to your existing scripts if you have spare script slots. Use dedicated “Device controllers” with user scripts. Extend your user scripts with even more functionality.

Or go down the more technical route by either writing, or getting your own remote scripts written. As a last resort customize your existing remote scripts.

Creativity and Imagination are the Limit

No matter if you are working with a compact box featuring 8 controls and 2 buttons, or you desire extensive control with 9 device banks on a single 72-pot controller. Experience the ultimate customization and accessibility with your dream build, combined with effortless mapping and operation.

Turn on a “monitor”, display every parameter in real-time, with real values and units. In the layout you designed, and with the labels/descriptions you prefer.

Connect to 216 parameters with just 3 bank switches.

DeltaKontrol makes this a reality.
Endless possibilities. Endless custom solutions.
One DeltaKontrol.

Remember: You don’t necessarily have to struggle with your existing custom remote script. There might be another solution right in front of you, aside this last resort.

Got questions or concerns? Reach out to us and we will do our best to find a solution. With you, and for you.

We elevate your controlling to another level.
Skyrocket to outer space with us.

Tom, CEO

That’s It

We reached the end, once again. We hope the information was beneficial to you.

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