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Hi, this is Tom, head of DeltaKontrol. Once more with a personal matter. In my previous piece, The Future Awaits, it was all about why we built DK, what you can expect from us, the current state of the application, and why we did go live with the page now. This article is about a particularly important subject for us that I think might need some clarification.

And to tell you that you can be of tremendous help to us, without sacrificing anything.


I deliberately do not use the term tracking (*) here, because we neither do that, nor any profiling (*).

Why We Ask for It

By giving us consent to use cookies for our analytics you give us highly valuable insights into how you use our website and our services. Not only do you help us with this information to better understand our users, but also support us in generating value for yourself and all other users.

We can tailor our services to your needs, know which markets to concentrate on, and many other advantages. This enables us to provide an optimized user experience for you.

As I told you in the last article I am deeply personally involved and committed to this project. Therefore, I have a strong interest in our user base and community directly. That said, please do not stop reading now. Because now I will tell you all about…

The Implications For You, and For Us

In short: For you, the way we do it, there are absolutely no (privacy) implications except having a cookie in your browser.

For us, there are a lot of negatives on the other side without this information. While this is all extensively and honestly tediously (simply to stay legal compliant) described in our privacy policy, I want to sum it all up for you here in an easier accessible way.

As a first step you can have a look at the TL; DR section of our privacy policy. After that you should know that we take your privacy absolutely serious, and that your data never leaves our servers.

On top of that our intention is not to accumulate data about you as a person, but rather to know what people do. Not who does it.

We have definitely no interest in which house you live, or from what address you consume our content (aka exact locations), what your exact IP addresses are, what you do as dedicated person when you are logged in, or to sell your data to any other companies for advertising or any other purposes.

Therefore, we simply do not collect such data. Our analytics data is stored in anonymized form only, and in a way it cannot be tracked back to you as a person.

We could not even sell your personal data out of our analytics, because we have none.
There is nothing in common with big, data collecting companies who live and make money from your real personal data and your interests.

But we need analytical data in order to build and grow our company. Solely for our own purposes. And to provide benefits to you eventually. In terms of better website layouts and user experience of our services, to tailor our actions, promotions, and campaigns. So we do not spam you with content you have no interest in.

Some Facts, Thoughts and a Personal Request

IT security is a tremendously interesting subject to me, and I take great care of my personal IT security. Of course this applies to DeltaKontrol, too.

Remembering when I started to tell people to use tracking blockers and privacy enabled tools in general. Ages ago. When I tried hard again in late 2014 to convince them to jump ship to apps like Signal for their communications. I also remember how they laughed at me. Well, many of them later did, some still do not, laugh so much anymore.

That said, I have accumulated several hundred online accounts over the years. Last pwned in 2000, the only time in my life. Hopefully, this aids in you putting trust in my experience and my operations with and at DeltaKontrol. We take utmost care to ensure your data is safe with us.

Back to what I wanted to say: I have no problem though in putting a non-intrusive site onto the allow-list in my browser and consent to support a system that eventually has benefits to my own experience, helping a company I commit to and believe in to stay alive and grow.

Therefore, I want to ask you kindly: Remove us from any blockers if necessary, and consent to analytics cookies (in countries where it is necessary to consent). Support us in growing the company, and ultimately build a great user experience for the whole community. Together.

Of course, we have in-depth information on our analytics available for you, so you know exactly what and how we do it.


If you have questions regarding our security or analytics processing, please read through our extensive privacy policy.
Still open questions? You can contact us any time.

Thank you for taking the time!

That’s It

For today.

Your feedback is essential for us, both to grow and improve.
Leave a comment here or get back to us via one of our channels.
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We will be happy if you engage with us.

Please stay respectful, as it is the foundation of any good relationship, and we strive to build a positive vibe and environment around DK.

(*) For those who might not be too deep into the topic. We are using the term “Analytics” for understanding user behavior with the goal to optimize and provide better services, product offers and user experience.

“Tracking” more belongs to the field of analyzing activities that can be effectively linked to an individual. Not only on a service itself, but also outside of a service (e.g., following up on what you do outside of DK services would be a typical case of tracking).

“Profiling” is the process of building and storing user profiles for several reasons, based on data that can be linked back to you as a specific person, including observing activities.

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