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So, here we are. Or here am I. Tom, CEO of DeltaKontrol. This post is a very personal matter for me. And from me to you, my hopefully future users. The DeltaKontrol for Live community. A long journey behind us, yet so much on the road ahead.

This article will provide you with deeper information and insight on the story behind DeltaKontrol, about my own story, and what’s coming next. Of course you are highly welcome to read the whole piece, which I would really appreciate. But please feel free to jump directly to the sections of interest.

Note: Parts of this post reflect my personal views and experiences. In today’s interconnected world, every statement has the potential to be misunderstood or to offend someone. Committed to maintaining honest and transparent communication with my customers and users, I am fully aware that it is impossible to please everyone.

Our focus is on the utility and performance of our software, which stands independent of individual beliefs or opinions. Differing views on personal matters should not overshadow that fact.

The Red Pill

DeltaKontrol for Live is meticulously designed to enhance your experience with the handling of devices in Ableton Live, aiming to save time, improve efficiency, provide consistency, and reduce costs throughout your projects.

No less important: Trigger a positive vibe and put a smile on your face when you can control on your terms.

Embrace the reality of innovation and efficiency with DeltaKontrol – it’s your red pill. Buckle up!

As we set sail on this journey together, let me invite you to share your thoughts, questions, and experiences either in the comments below or via one of our contact options. Your feedback is not just welcome. It is essential for us to grow and improve.

The Beginning

Constant Suffering, and the Crack

As is so often this venture started out of personal need and frustration. Sitting on a project, like many before, suffering from the limited customization capabilities for my devices and VSTs. My assortment of MIDI controllers suffering along neglected. Once again.

Never working out the way I wanted. No workflow ever found that was really satisfying. Having to use templates, model projects with hardcoded saved mappings, racks with limited parameters. An absolute pain, not only costing nerves, but also a lot of time. Yet loving Live, as many of us do, and a strong desire to not abandon it.

This had to stop. It had to change, eventually.

My Professional Background: A Short Digression, Pt. 1

Although I do not want to bore you to death with life-stories I want to give you a bit of context, so you have a picture on who stands behind DK from a professional point of view.

As universe decided, some time back in the last century, I was not born making music. Born with music in my ears, but bytes in my blood. Switched on my first real computer at age six, never switched off again. Yes, this is not something worthwhile to tell nowadays. But it was in the ’80s. And so, a future in or around IT was more or less carved in stone early on.

Starting my professional life in the industry in 1998, ending up from what was supposed to be a first test abroad, as one of the youngest IT consultants in the financial sector at that time. Receiving an outstanding takeover bid in 2000. Finally founding my own company in 2002, consulting major national, as well as international companies throughout nearly two decades.

The rigorous standards and complex critical thinking skills honed during my earlier career form the backbone of DeltaKontrol’s development, ensuring a level of professionalism and quality in software design and company leadership.

First Steps Into The Future

Back to topic. So yes, something had to happen about the situation, and given my background I started to look for solutions. Having written my own custom remote scripts in the past already this should be easy, right?

Yeah, well… that depends…

While developing early prototypes I encountered various challenges. From managing countless scripts, configuration and mapping files, to addressing the intricate details of device handling itself. These hurdles, though partly significant, were steppingstones that pushed me to think beyond just a makeshift solution.

It was not just about finding a way that works for me anymore but creating something universally effective and user-friendly.


It was definitely a pivotal moment. Not being about a Tom-friendly solution, but also about igniting a spark of innovation. What started as a quest to simplify my own workflow evolved into a journey of discovering possibilities aside from mere control mapping, and a product whose capabilities go way beyond what I had in mind initially.

And this is just the beginning. What you will see on our features page is what DeltaKontrol can do already for you. But we are continuously exploring and expanding, committed to revolutionizing your device handling experience with Live. All questions left open by the short feature descriptions will be answered in time while our pages grow.

You have the possibility to receive updates on all developments around DK for Live and the site through our newsletter. Directly to your inbox.

What Can You Expect From Us

The 40-Year-Drop: A Short Digression, Pt. 2

Having nearly four decades of insights, while spending 25 years in the professional industry, I have witnessed considerable changes in software development over that period. And while there has been remarkable innovation, there has also been an increasing trend towards releasing products that are not polished. Politely said. Not even using the term “fully polished” here.

At DeltaKontrol, we are seriously committed to not take part in this.

Recently during a discussion someone conveyed to me “There is no (commercial) software without bugs…”. While this sentence of course holds its unique truth, my stance is clear. Bugs must never be so severe as to cause disaster events at the client site, like database destruction or severe system crashes. And from such extreme incidents there are quite a lot of steps down on the severity-ladder until one arrives in what we see as “acceptable territory”.

Our Promise

At DeltaKontrol, our goal is to set a higher standard for software reliability, providing you with releases that guarantee a seamless user experience.

As written in My Professional Background, used to deal with strict regulations, procedures and workflows regarding coding, testing, installations and updates of software most of my work-life, all the experience, competence and lessons-learned that were needed to survive successfully in this environment found their way directly into DK.

We approach software development in a way to deliver you a polished product. Not because it’s Monday.

Our commitment to you is not just professional. It is personal. No one can promise completely bug-free software, but given my background and expertise I promise you a professional-grade application that meets elevated levels of quality, performance, and security.

Same goes for support. We understand the frustration of tech-savvy users when support does not meet their expectations. That is why at DeltaKontrol knowledge meets responsiveness, ensuring your inquiries are managed efficiently and effectively.

If you have special support demands or simply want some icing on the cake, please see our pro-support plan or

On-Demand Services

There are also tasks outside our regular support plans which we do on a per-contract basis, like installing DeltaKontrol completely on your system for you, configure everything according to your preferences, assist in making your (custom) remote script compatible, and more.

Read more about on-demand services. We also have an interesting article regarding remote script handling and the integration of DeltaKontrol.

If there is anything you have in mind you believe we can do for you just contact us and we can discuss it.

Why We Are Not Distributing Yet

The Past Months

The last months were hard, and we were not able to work on the app itself in the intensity we would have wanted. We had to put a considerable number of hours into our technology stack to not only guarantee a great experience for you, but to build a hassle-free and future-proof foundation for DeltaKontrol.

We have built, re-built, and optimized our complete technology on a foundation of FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software) now, known for its reliability, security, and community support. This choice reflects our commitment to trustworthy and transparent software practices.

Your Security, Our Commitment

We are using full enterprise-grade solutions. From operating system to project management software, utilizing the highest security standards and encryption technologies. For your and our safety.

We do not share or transfer your data to any third-party providers at any time during our data processing. The only exception here is your sensitive payment data, which is completely managed by Stripe.

Your personal data like name and address data is stored encrypted at all times in our in-house customer system, only decrypted on direct access. This means even if someone gets hold of our database content there is no valuable information to find.

You can read more on the handling of your data in our privacy policy. Together with all other legal documents it is part of the other work-package that cost us a substantial chunk of time the last months.

Finally, we were working on a customized and secure client dashboard for you. From there you will have access to all your license and activation data with ease. It is not just secure, it is also beautiful.

If you want to gain more insight on the challenges we had to face, our open to-dos and what is coming up regarding our beautiful documentation system feel free to explore the next section.

Get Deeper Reason Insight

Regulatory Challenges

When you want to sell worldwide you are in a tough place as a small company nowadays. Navigating the complex legal, privacy and tax requirements can be daunting, especially compared to larger corporations with more resources and dedicated departments to manage such tasks.

While we are privacy advocates ourselves and fully support the importance of security and privacy, some regulations can be tough for smaller players. To say it nicely.

So, despite the challenge, one of our biggest achievements has been not only a robust system for your privacy and security, but a system exceeding compliance demands clearly. And therefore, ready for the future and ready to scale.

To-dos Left

Although these months were not really lost, we must finish DeltaKontrol itself now, and there are still some open tasks on our list.

Do not get this wrong, DeltaKontrol is neither in a fragile development state anymore, nor are there any major challenges left that could act as showstopper. We got this going. Although there were phases of considerable technical pain, we did it eventually.

So while there are still to-dos left these are the final changes to the product we believe will revolutionize your experience with Live’s device handling and customization thereof. We are excited about the future and cannot wait to share the finished application with you.

The Docs

Additionally, we will update the DeltaKontrol web ecosystem with extensive documentation that takes you on a journey through all aspects of the software, supplemented with visuals and tips. These docs are still in work right now.

A release without them would result in unnecessary pressure due to elevated support ticket count and the handling thereof.

We strive to provide you with a documentation system that satisfies technically and visually. And, of course it will answer your questions and help you to get the most out of DeltaKontrol. We will not just look good.

Why Do We Go Live With the Page Now

Because it is time. Time to tell you what to expect, what’s coming, and hopefully something to get excited about.

While my professional life was a smooth experience in general, there came a point in time where I trusted one wrong person. In non-professional matters. With severe implications. And I am not talking about something insignificant like losing money. That was served as a side dish.

Without going into extensive personal details, it is important for me that you know that DeltaKontrol is more than just a small company to me. Not just another venture. It is a commitment to excellence and a dedication born from overcoming significant challenges.

The goal is to channel this resilience into creating a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. DK is the apex of professional expertise on one hand, and a deep personal commitment on the other.

Supporting this project will make a positive impact. For you, and for me too.

Beta Testing

We will of course have a beta cycle, but it will be short and with a relatively small group of users.

Together with my very own personal interest in the functionality and performance of the software our in-house testing was, is, and will be, extensive to say the least. That is why there won’t be a huge run with hundreds of beta testers.


Are you using devices on an elevated level in your daily work?
Ideally use several MIDI controllers.
Interested in delving into a new era of device handling, with an unprecedented level of control and customizability?
Want to be amongst the first?

Then becoming a beta tester might be for you. If you are excited please drop us a message and we will send you more information on the details.

As a beta tester, you will be at the forefront of giving DeltaKontrol its final shape. You will have early access to new features and a direct line to provide feedback, which will be crucial in the final stage before release.

As a reward and sign of our appreciation, all active beta testers will receive an exclusive discount on release.


For Reviewers

We are inviting artists, producers, and content creators in the Ableton Live community to be part of the early journey with DeltaKontrol and try the final release version before its general release.

Why Get Involved?

Early Access

Be among the first to explore the capabilities of DeltaKontrol for Live and integrate it into your workflow.

Influence Development

Your feedback will directly influence further development, giving you a voice in the creation of a tool that meets your needs and those of the wider audience.

Collaborative Growth

Our growth is driven by the community. Your expertise and insights are invaluable in shaping a tool that truly resonates with artists and producers.

We understand the value of your time and influence. That is why we are not just asking for your feedback. We are inviting you to collaborate on a project that will completely transform Live’s device workflow.

Your professional experience and input are key to ensuring DeltaKontrol meets the real-world needs of music producers and performers, and your involvement helps us connect more deeply with the community. As DK evolves and succeeds, you will be recognized as a key contributor to its journey.

Of course, you will be featured on our website, as well as on our social media channels. But it is also about us listening to you and building something great.

We strive to be the best-in-class solution available for enhancing the experience and extending the control you have over your Live devices.

And if you decide to keep DeltaKontrol, which we hope naturally, you will of course get exclusive discount opportunities, too.

In case you somehow missed our feature set until now:

Interested in having a part in this innovative project? Join us in shaping the future.


That’s It

Well, at least for now.

As initially said, your feedback is essential for us to grow and improve.
Leave a comment here or drop us a message and tell us what you think.
Look around on the site, check out the current features, our plans, or FAQs.
Subscribe to our newsletter to get informed on either just the launch, or on everything happening around DeltaKontrol on a regular basis.

We will be happy if you engage with us.

Please stay respectful, as it is the foundation of any good relationship, and we strive to build a positive vibe and environment around DK right from the start.

Like what you read? Spread the word on what’s coming!

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